The 2009 picture of Ms. Linda Cook and Ms. Melinda Madzen taken in CrossLink Conference
room during briefing from the CRDI President (Armand Utshudi) and Bishop David Yemba
The other participants include Mrs. Yemba and Utshudi

Mr. Utshudi is the founder of the CRDI Organization and he has more than 20 years experience in design, management, and implementation of health development programs in developing countries. Most of his field level experience is from serving as Health Program Manager and Project Officer under USAID –financed Health Development Programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

He served at different level of responsibilities with a few International NGOs and with USAID Missions in the D. R. Congo and in Mozambique and his expertise including provision of technical and management support for the establishment of the logistics pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to facilitate the delivery of quality Reproductive Health/Family Planning services including HIV/AIDS/STIs.

His other skills and experience include serving as Team Leader for the planning and implementation of midterm and the end of the project evaluations. 

His background in Pharmacy and Public Health has enabled him to effectively support and promote the delivery of essential curative and preventive services including the promotion of rational use of drugs, food security and improved nutrition and infant feeding practices in developing countries.

His graduate studies at MPH level at Tulane University included training in epidemiology of infectious diseases (i.e. malaria, HIV/AIDS/STI, TB, and Neglected Tropical Diseases). Mr. Utshudi also holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Washington State University.


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