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Helping the Rural Populations Through Priority Actions For Relief And Development.

Like so many private voluntary organizations (PVOs) that have been formed during the last 30 years, the story of the creation of Christian Relief and Development, Inc. is the story of motivated development agents (health professionals, teachers, and economists) who joined hands for the creation of the CRDI that is currently supporting relief and development activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The purpose of this initiative is to work with local indigenous communities to address their priority needs for relief and development.

Those needs include addressing priority health issues and problems, water and sanitation, food security/ agriculture, and micro-enterprise development that can contribute to improved living conditions in rural and farming communities of the DRCongo initially, and in other central African countries in the near future.

These initial efforts of April 2003 have reinforced the board members belief that CRDI is indeed a valuable asset to initiate development activities in central Africa starting with the DRCongo. 

With the experience of the founding members of the organization, CRDI is emerging as a solid organization with reputation for quality in the development of health development activities that will make a difference in the lives of impoverished rural communities in the DRCongo and the neighboring countries.

The CRDI challenges are to build on the enthusiasm and the availability of the board members to serve as volunteers and consultants for the establishment of community-based curative and preventive services with the required level of finance that can strengthen the CRDI headquarters office in the U.S., and the field office in the DRCongo.

Christian Relief and Development, Inc. (CRDI) has specific and reasonable goals and objectives for the development of rural communities in central Africa and we need everyone’s involvement and support so that we can realize our dreams of improved health status and well-being of the population
in the future.

Christian Relief and Development, Inc. (CRDI) has been involved in the provision of facility and some community-based curative and preventive services in Binza-Ozone health zone of Kinshasa since 2005.

Program activities that have been initiated and that were carried out during CY 2010 include:

  • Provision of prenatal consultations including and assisted delivery by trained health workers at the CRDI-assisted Health Center;
  • Promotion and delivery of family planning services to mothers and women of reproductive age;
  • Provision of health education sessions during preschool and post-natal consultations;
  • Promotion of malaria control and prevention activities;
  • Diagnosis and case management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) with referral of confirmed cases of HIV to appropriate facilities for care;
  • Case management of common illnesses.

The estimated total direct and indirect beneficiary population of the Health Center services is 30,610; this includes estimated 1,224 pregnant women, 6,734 children less than 5 years of age and estimated 6,122 women of reproductive age who live in the catchment area of the Health Center.


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Helping the Rural Populations Through Priority Actions For
Relief And Development.

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