The Mission of Christian Relief and Development, Inc. is to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty and promote the well-being of rural populations through implementation of targeted and cost effective interventions that can be sustained by the communities.

CRADI is dedicated to improving lving conditions of the world's poorest communities where the risk of death is caused by communicable diseases, lack of hygiene and sanitation, and malnutrition is unacceptably high. Those deleterious conditions are prevalent in the Democratic Republic of Congo where our organization is currently working and they contribute to high mortality rates among infants, children, and mothers in the target areas of the CRADI-assisted Health Center.

Christian Relief and Development, Inc. (CRDI)
 is a U.S.-based and diversified consulting organization that is committed to improving the health of mothers and children through community priority actions for relief and development. Our multidisciplinary board members and consultants average a minimum of ten years of experience working in sub-Saharan Africa to promote integrated community-based health and rural development through partnership with communities, international organizations, and host-country governments. Lessons learned by the CRDI consultants and Board members are being incorporated in the design of future low-cost and high impact relief and development activities that can contribute to the well-being of the people in rural communities of developing countries.

Our mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty, and promote the well-being of the rural population through implementation of targeted and cost effictive interventions that can be sustained by the communities. Some areas of interventions that are being supported and promoted by the CRADI-assisted Health Center include:

  • Provision of primary curative and preventive health services to the target population;
  • Increase the knowledge and practice of hygiene in the community and the related households;
  • Promote increased consumption of locally grown nutritious foods;
  • Promotion of malaria control and prevention activities;
  • Support water resource development for increased availability of potable water in the households;
  • Support increased household incomes through micro enterprise development.

Partnership with the community, the Church of Christ in the DR Congo (ECC), and with the Ministry of Health through the established health zone on Binza-Ozone has enabled the CRADI organization to initiate and expand the delivery of community and the facility based primary health care services.


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